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Long Time No See

Catchup on all the happenings...and Thanksgiving is around the corner! 

Where the Hell have I been!? Great question! I have obviously NOT been at my computer tapping away the keys serving up silly stories or tasty recipes to make you flex your laugh lines… But, let me tell you we have been busy. Let’s see, we last left off and we were headed to our annual “Champing” (Chefs, Camping) weekend for Father’s Day which was magnificent, stuffed a queen size mattress into the back of the catering van and slept like a baby. Food was on point per the usual, legit, over the top, Poke Bowls one night, Japanese Yakitori another night and an unbelievable taco spread another, not to mention the Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon Poppy Seed Butter… Which are a Fisher Family Favorite and a deal breaker…  We love Big Sur and we are certainly spoiled to be just a short 45 minute drive away from utter paradise. Fourth of July came and went, with plenty of big bangs from illegal fireworks! And ol’ Joey Chestnut sucking down 62 coney Island hot dogs in the Nations Hot Dog Eating Championship, Eeks… 

We opened/launched a brand new Bear + Flag Roadside out at the Weather Tech Raceway at Laguna Seca. Yep, a whole season has come and gone out there and I am just writing about it!We are thrilled to offer exceptional food, local craft beers and wines to the thousands of visitors that come to this beautiful, historic and uniquely situated piece of Monterey County and California. The newly resurfaced track had some early issues but it all came together and looks amazing and smack dab in the middle of the whole thing is Bear + Flag Roadside… Yes and No and Yes!, Yes, we are there anytime the track has action and food service is needed for the group, large or small, public or private… No, we’re not there 6 or 7 days a week, every week. Yes, you can come out and have lunch at the track on a day that the track has action, you would however need to pay the entrance fee for the park. If there is a ticketed event, you would need to have a ticket to do so. Does that answer all of your Questions?? 

Junior Olympics in Water Polo blew right past and number 5 child and his team of scrappy polotiers went down to SoCal number X in the country and came back number X  That was successful! And we got to be there, that was the best part. 


We killed it during Car Week! I hope you got to see some of what we were doing via the gram… it was spectacular. The number of visitors in town and the sheer value in cars on the road was beyond words! The response we got to our events was awesome!

We got to prepare all the pastrami for the Jewish food festival this year in Carmel Valley and hope to do so again next year, that was a wonderful event to be a part of. Didn't get to attend as I had hoped, but I hope you did.  

I’ve done some behind the scenes groveling and we're finally getting the Santa Carota, carrot finished, prime beef tenderloin again and it is amazing. We now offer two incredible filet mignon options for your enjoyment. You asked and we listened, we're now stocking the much requested Prime Flank steak. Easy to grill, roll, pan sear and cut.  We still have some beautiful grilling weather to enjoy here on the central coast, thankfully, so come grab your favorite item and or check out something new… 

Uncle Kyle joined our team, yep, it remains a family affair. My favorite brother-in-law has finally come to be a part of our business. He worked with us when he was just a pup out of highschool. Went off into the big, bold world and spent several years in San Francisco, then Sacramento but has come home to help us conquer the world… or at least Monterey County. If you haven't met him, come by and say hi, if you have, then you know why he is my favorite and you see he fits right in. If you wanna have some fun, ask him what’s in his backpack?! 

Wednesdays on KRML are fun and hope you are tuning in, they sort of replaced the newsletter during this busy time, sort of, but I am committed to getting back at the keyboard and coming up with interesting and entertaining content and sliding into your inbox! If you haven't already "stumbled upon", Wednesdays my buddy Jeff White from KRML are on "More Than A Mouthful"....tune in and learn a little something or hear the latest & greatest on what I've been up to. 

San Diego was a hoot with Best Chef Friends and an Anti-Convention of food, beverages and connections. Great insight into the future of food, some very interesting thoughts around indigenous foods and a deep dive into multi location, brand expansion conversation that was both scary and inspiring. And let me tell you there was a whole lot of Wagyu… And bourbon. And dry-aged fish-if you have heard, its incredible, if you haven’t, well - come into the shop and I’ll fill you in! 

 Let’s see, we have been catering a ton! Private events, weddings, corporate groups and small dinners. Birthdays, anniversaries and big dinners. Brunches and late night snacks… seems like we hit all the events this year.  

Check out some of the pictures from our newest Exclusive wedding site down the magnificent Big Sur coastline. Know someone looking to get married..

Send them our way, you can rest assured they will be getting the very best treatment and food. 

Rennsport! WOW! What an event for the local hospitality business, hotels were packed, restaurants jammed and Laguna Seca was humming with every Porsche make, model and variety out on display.

It was a site to behold and an epic production! 

OctoberFest was delicious, we’ve been rockin a Knackwurst or German garlic sausage and a Weisswurst or white sausage both of which are delicious. We did decide to roll off one more round of them this week, and it hit me late that we never did the Bavarian style pretzels this year… so we’ve got them this week. Take home to do it yourself or enjoy it hot in the shop with mustard and a Weisswurst! 

Okay, I think that brings us current… That's what we've been up to, now let’s talk about what we're planning. 

The evenings are cooling down and the sun is setting a bit earlier, and that means Fall has come. Look for more soups, lasagna, and stews to take home, heat and eat. Short ribs for braising and chuck roasts for slow cooking are available in the case. 

More importantly than that… Our Thanksgiving Pre Orders are opening and as a newsletter subscriber, you get a first look, and a little advanced time to get your orders in. We sold out fast last year, so don’t wait. The effects of the Avian flu are still being felt throughout the country. I don’t think it will have as much of an impact on inventory as last year, but unfortunately like gas, we’ve seen the new low, which isn’t, on the pricing. We’ve done our best to provide what we believe is the best quality bird, with our best possible pricing. AND NEW THIS YEAR  to the mix… The much thought about and long overdue; The Meatery Bacon Wrapped Turducken! Chicken stuffed into a duck, stuffed into a turkey with cornbread and kale dressing (what some of us call stuffing) between the layers, served with an intense, andouille sausage gravy… BOOM! 

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